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My buddy arrived shortly after dusk and we drove to Lagide to have dinner at one of the Burger Bars. I did not really have to tell Jens that he should have been here yesterday (and the days before), as he already knew what he had missed and what the forecast for the following days was like. But there is always hope to find a place that works around the peninsulas in the area despite not quite ideal wind and swell forecasts.

Saturday, Feb. 3rd

It was a grey morning albeit with still very light winds. We drove to Baleal and the wind was ok for the south bay. But the tide was wrong and the break was a wobbly chaos. Jens was desperate to get to surf so we nevertheless paddled out, but it was pathetic. Back at shore we had breakfast in the beach bar until the still light but shifting winds opened an opportunity for a session at the north bay.

Knowing that weekend warriors would soon flood this beach we were out in no time to make the most of the still sparsely populated lineup. It was still grey and air temperatures in the cool to cold range and reassembled more our North Sea home turf, but the waves were ok, a bit mushy but fun sized and actually rideable. We stuck to an inconsistent but empty peak in the middle of the bay and made the most out of it until the wind started to turn west and then north.

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