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North-westerly swells in the 3 to 4 meter range with periods in the mid-teens plus northerly winds seemed to be the perfect conditions to finally have a look at this famed part of the Portuguese coast. Somehow, I never really had visited the south of Portugal aside from just driving through during trips in 1986 and 1987. The Algarve had already been a mass tourism destination back in the eighties and what I had seen back then had put that area very low on the to go list.

But I had heard enthusiastic reports from friends about the beauty of the coast and the surf down there over the years. So, when I passed the southern outskirts of Lisbon in the early evening and entered the motorway south, I was looking forward for a new experience.

The fairly new motorway was a pleasure to drive especially compared to the roads I had to pass here three decades away (check this story to get an idea). It was a cruisy but nevertheless quick drive until about 50 kilometres north of Foz, where an increasingly thick fog started to impair the sight. I soon had to slow down to about 40 kmh and the fog didn´t back off. After a while of crawling along the motorway I gave up and pulled off to a service station, where I spent the night.

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