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Not that it wasn´t too cold anymore, in fact it was actually pretty mild for this time of the year and when I paddled out, I was delighted to find out that the North Sea up here was significantly warmer then down in Denmark. The reason for this unexpected phenomenon is the gulf stream which still influences the coastal waters up here while it doesn´t reach further down into the southern and central North Sea.

So, the session was even more comfortable as the last one I had at the North Sea two weeks ago. The weaves were ok, while not perfect as the reef / sandbars didn´t manage to line them up for a longer distance. There were fun lefts which offered a quick ride for about 50 meters before the next section – which created a shorter right – met them and closed the rides.

Afterwards I walked up the dunes and scrutinised the coast further down south. An interesting setup with a house-sized rock further out at the sea and a barely submerged rock shelf connecting it to the beach caught my attention. South of the shelf a small but very well-formed right was breaking along the edge for a very long distance. North of the rock another (submerged) rock further out slowed the swell down but not enough to prevent it from being transformed into an even longer running, albeit soft left. I marked this place in my mind for a must-return.

In the early afternoon – means about half an hour before sunset – the fog returned. With the absence of the sun air temperatures significantly and rapidly dropped and the cold air meeting the wet and relatively warm sea produced an ever-increasing mist. Surfing became a spooky experience now, but as the swell was increasing, no one left the lineup until long after sunset.

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