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I always had that dream to find a perfect point break in the North Sea. Not just a good point, but one that could produce waves that can compete with their Atlantic counterparts. The southwest coast of Norway seemed to be the best bet to find what I was looking for as, while still being part of the North Sea it is open not only to north swells but to west swells coming from far away in the North Atlantic too. In addition to this good exposure the Norwegian coastline the Skagerrak up to Stavanger is in large parts very rugged with numerous little bays, nooks and crannies and rock reefs. So, plenty of options to stumble upon a perfect setup.

This might-be wonderland was just about 700 kilometres plus a three hours ferry ride away from where I live and therefore seemed to be accessible enough for several short exploration and surf trips. In 2010 I used a ten days holiday for a first trip into the area with my little family. It was in May and therefor we had very good weather with – for this area unusual – only one rainy day and plenty of sunshine. But we never got any waves, so the trip delivered a lot of stunning walks and landscapes and a few days of nice windsurfing.

And I had seen large parts of the coast and the setups looked very promising. It just seemed a matter of a few months before I would return. But somehow that follow up trip didn´t happen. Reasons were other destinations that seemed more appropriate for trips from a week, which is the minimum of time one should have due to the costs for the ferry which are pretty high during main season.  But every year again I put Norway on top of the to do list, only to reach autumn and therefore the most reliable swell season and missing the time span where it is not already too cold and too dark.

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