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New Horizons

It has been a while since I had the opportunity to explore new horizons in the nearer vicinity. When I moved to the area in the late nineties of the past century I knew there was pretty nice windsurfing to be done at the North Sea and Baltic Sea. But I was sure there would be no possibility to surf these seas. Boy was I wrong.

It was with the turn of the century that I had started to realize that there was decent surf at the North Sea coast on a quite regular basis, even still not knowing at that time HOW good it could get here. So my trips to the Danish North Sea coast were made in mind of wave-sailing AND a possible surf on a longboard (still couldn´t imagine that it would make sense to bring a shorter board).

The Baltic Sea was – in my mind – still a windsurfing only pond as I considered it to small and shallow for any decent waves to get created here. The Kattegat I considered even worth – concerning surfing – as it is even smaller. I had a few years focusing on the North Sea coast of Denmark broadening my mind and horizons with finding out how often there is surf up here and how good it can get.

In 2002 I was still in process of learning about the surf goods of the North Sea and therefore not too eager to do a short trip to Sweden. But my wife wanted to go. I just made sure that we approached Sweden with a little detour along the Danish North Sea coast as there was a good wind forecast (there were no swell forecasts back then) to score some wave-sailing and surf sessions before heading to seemingly flat Sweden.

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