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Delightful Monotony

Warning: This is not about an adventure. Nor is it about exceptional waves or strong winds. It is just about two weeks in August in France and about the little pleasures of moving (almost) not at all and repetitive days at the beach.

If it wouldn´t be for the family I wouldn´t go for summer holidays. Especially not for summer holidays in France with all the tourist crowds and notoriously inactive Atlantic Ocean. But the family likes it and we have to follow school holidays. So I started the long trek west in the middle of August and dropped of my daughter at her friends in Normandy Friday night. Saturday I fought my way through French holiday traffic jams down to La Rochelle, where I picked up my wife. To avoid more traffic jams we drove to the Ile de Ré the same night and were happy to find some unoccupied spot at the camper van parking at Saint Clement at the northern tip of the island.

The Ile de Ré is generally a no go area for me during summer due to the lack of wind and / or waves and the absurd number of people populating the island during July and August. But as the forecasts predicted a mix of tiny to non-existent waves in combination with south to south-westerly winds for the upcoming week I had nothing to lose and at least there was an area at the island that was able to catch at least some waves and where southerly winds come offshore.

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