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The most promising part of the area seemed to be the tip of the cape. I reached it after a bit up and down through narrow paths in between the macchia. There was a reef over there, fully exposed to westerly swells but with a few tricky placed semi-submerged rocks in the lineup. At least with the current windy conditions it didn´t look surfable.

On the way back a hefty rain shower soaked me, but I was soon compensated by some magic lighting. Back at the van I had some food and went to bed early.

Monday morning, I got up with dawn. The waves had picked up size, but the wind was still onshore. Too onshore and too strong, but according to the forecast this was about to change during the day. And the constant change between sunny spots and clouds bringing heavy rains accompanied by abrupt changes in windspeeds already indicated that things wouldn´t stay put during this day.

I still expected the wind to turn al least side-offshore during the day and instead of waiting for this in the van I went for another walk along the northern shores of the bay. Right at the beginning I was stunned by a bunch of eagles soaring across the bay, often just a couple of meters above me. Later I learned that they were local and a regular occurrence but now I just watched in awe – and a bit thrilled - their majestic and almost effortless flights all along the bay and up to the mountains.

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