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A check of the weather forecast for the following day revealed that there would still be heavy snow fall on the northern side of the alps. Some parts of Bavaria had even declared state of emergency due to the snow masses blocking roads and trains and a high avalanche risk in the mountains. It was supposed to stay critical until Tuesday. I deemed it better not to pass the alps now as I didnīt want to get stuck on a blocked motorway somewhere south of the Brenner pass.

The forecast for northern Italy promised more sunshine, a light to medium north wind and a decent to solid south-west swell. So, I didnīt pity being hindered from my drive back home by the snow too much and decided to make the most out of being stuck at the Mediterranean Sea. I knew where to go with a forecast like this.

Cinque Terre is a UNESCO world heritage for a reason (which we explain here). In addition, one of these five villages became sort of an Italian surf heritage in recent times, and this is where I drove to. I reached the town in time to check into the “Agua Dolce” campground situated on the hill flank just outside the historic town center. That campground is very nice, is open all year and to get to the town center and the beach it is a five- minutes foot walk.  Perfect basecamp and taking into account the parking fees you have to pay – if you find a free parking lot in town – also the most economic way to stay here (at least in winter, when the campground has very low prices).

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