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It doesn´t get any better.

At least in this part of the Baltic Sea.

After a long period without any wind – and therefor without any waves – a large field of strong east – northeast winds appeared in the Baltic Sea at the end of May. That field stretched from Finland to Germany and the resulting winds had more of a winter force.

The resulting surf was well needed among the North German surf community and so excitation and expectations rose huge heights the days before. Thursday would be the day what meant that most of the wave starved folks only would be able to squeeze in an after work session including a hectic business traffic drive of – with luck – an hour from Kiel or Hamburg.

I managed to leave work in the late afternoon and made it to The Bridge in reasonable time. Skies were an uninviting grey and the wind was strong and cold. But the wind swell was there and the waves had winter size. Water levels had risen like usual but were low enough to keep the sandbanks working. Jumping from the bridge spared a lot of paddling. Water temperature was higher than I expected and the waves – though wobbly and hard to predict like usual – had some punch. The session was good, as good as it gets in this part of the Baltic Sea. Surf starvation was relieved. The drive back to Hamburg late in the night was done with a good feeling. Work would be easier the next day.

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