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I continued my search into the Alftafjordur bay which is dominated by more weird volcanic rock formations and large sandy beaches. There were some waves slapping on these beaches, but the wind had turned onshore here and the waves had no form.

As there was no prospect of things getting better further up the coast I drove back south. At the steep scree slope I stopped again and spotted a lineup crowded by a gang of birds. As it is better to leave large groups of locals alone I drove on until I reached the beach close to cape Krossanes. Here the wind was still light and waves seemed to be a bit bigger but again turned out to be barely surfable closeouts on a second look.

Soon the wind turned onshore here too and it started to rain. I drove back to the Viking Café and spent the night on the campground that is basically just the parking in front of the café but still significantly more expensive than a standard campground on the island. The owner is a bit greedy…

Wednesday, July 19th

The night had been stormy and rainy and the morning was grey, but less wet. The wind also had backed down but was still significantly blowing from the wrong direction. The prospect for the east coast for the following days wasn´t any better, so I decided to get back to my original plan and restart the counter-clockwise circling of the island.

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