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I was looking at a wide bay consisting of two large beaches and a headland in between them. Inland wetlands and lakes stretched far into a valley leading deep into the mountainous centre of the peninsula. The western beach in front of me was hammered by waves and – to my disappointment – by onshore winds.

There was a chance that the eastern beach would handle the wind better and so I was back on the road soon. It took quite some time to get around the large lakes inland which were separated from the open sea only by a narrow stretch of sand. Despite the still pouring rain in was a magic landscape that I passed.

Once I reached the east side of the lake the road followed it for a while and then turned into a gradual ascent along the mountain flank. Halfway up I spotted something very close to what I was looking for. The waves down at the bay looked much better organised and the wind more favourable. But the real eye-catcher was the east end of the bay, where the swell wrapped around a bend in the coastline in a very attractive way.

I couldn´t stop alongside the road but up at the point there was a lookout place with a small parking where I gladly pulled in. From up there I had a great view inland and – even more important – a full overview on the point.

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check this gallery for more visual impressions of the bay



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