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Next stop was Blönduós at the base of the Skaga peninsula. Most of the coastline here consists off bluffs which makes the shores virtually inaccessible. But the river coming down from the mountainous inland had cut a canyon through the coastal plain and might offer better beach access. The town sitting on both sides of the river allowed easy access to the coast. So, I drove along the southern riverbank through a somewhat sleazy part of the town and parked close to the coast. It was flat and the topography around the river mouth wasn´t very promising.

I headed back to the main road, had a quick stop at one of the rare architectonical gems of the island, a church built entirely of concrete and then headed further north. Just outside town I left the main road and followed a single-lane road further along the coast until I reached Skagaströnd. Here I found more modernish architecture, some steel sculptures at the beach and a little peninsula that provided shelter to a – for this area – fairly big harbour. I also found a very nice campground where I checked in to spend the night.

It had been a long day with a lot of driving but also with many exciting impressions and it ended with a stunning sunset shortly after midnight.

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