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After a good 15 minutes of searching I finally found the glasses in the grass on the way from the car wrecks to the gravel road. Relieved I returned to the road and started the walk back to town. It was still quite a distance to go and I was really cold now.

So, I pumped some air into the leaking tire and started to pedal again. As there was not much air in the tire I pedalled standing and leaning as much forward as possible to release pressure on the back tire. Not very economic to cycle this way and at the last ascent before the town I had to get off the bike again and push it up to the summit.

From there I rolled the last couple of hundred meters back to the campsite. Clear thinking had become difficult since quite a while and I urgently needed to get warm. A hot shower at the campsite was what I desperately needed. As I hadn´t changed Euros into Icelandic currency yet I went to the reception and asked if I could borrow some coins. That wasn´t possible but I could pay with credit card and so I bought a handful of coins, went to the shower, gladly appreciated that there was actually hot water and had a very long shower.

Together with a pot of spaghetti this helped me regain energy. Later in the evening it stopped to rain and I went for a walk to explore the town. Thick layers of fog were drifting through the fjord and down the mountain flanks. The air was cool and there were very few people on the roads. The town and the fjord had a very mystic aura now.

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