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This does not mean this wave – and the other points in the area – is easy to surf. Sure, it lines up predictable with a fairly easy distinguishable take-off area. But the take-off itself requires accurate timing and positioning and quick reflexes. Once the drop is done you need a lot of speed to stay on track and avoid getting mowed down by that first section. Regular footers here clearly have a disadvantage.

After about 40 to 50 meters the wave offers a short opportunity to burn some speed before it accelerates again with a tendency to get hollow. Goofy footers have stark advantage here but even they need a certain skill level to surf this wave properly. In fact, despite a regular lineup crowd of 20 and more surfers it is usually just a handful who get decent rides.

Among these Swedish charger Tim Latte, who comes down here from his hometown Stockholm whenever it gets good, sticks out (as long as the Danes do not send a Hartkopp). His experience in fast reef breaks is very helpful here and he makes a difficult wave look easy.

I enjoyed the show for while until I felt the need to paddle out again myself. I did not bother to do this at this highly competitive high-performance break but returned to my Average Joe break.

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