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The summer 2019 had been quite windy for a couple of weeks which had animated me to renew my old love windsurfing. But with the coming of autumn I felt the need to go surfing again. Mir-September the atmosphere after a few weeks of calm weather finally started to become more active again. Unusually active for this time of the year. A solid low was approaching the North Sea and was forecasted to bring a couple of days of very strong north-westerly winds. Good for windsurfing, if you have sail small enough, but bad news for surfing at the North Sea.

As I had prioritised surfing, I had to look somewhere else. Sweden seemed to be an option which I had neglected for way too long since my last trip up there in 2016. Wind and wave conditions are very volatile and difficult to predict up there and – despite the relatively short driving distance – getting over is quite expensive due to bridge tolls and ferry fees. A journey up there is only really worth the time and money when there is a realistic chance for a couple of good days in a row.

Now that forecast for a five-days period around a weekend in mid-September 2019 was an almost perfect one. Five consecutive days with strong winds with the correct direction were predicted, and to top this air and especially water temperatures were still at a very agreeable level. It was like a winter storm in plain summer – probably a “gift” from global warming but for the moment very welcomed.

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