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The main peak was still working pretty good and that was where I went. The lineup had thinned out pretty much now and I had a nice session until the tide got too low. I spent the afternoon hours with a little visit to the next town to get something to eat and enjoying the warm sun. Remember, it was November 1st and very soon I would have to face rain and cold weather again.

Due to the solid swell waves started breaking again pretty soon and whilst the tide was still pretty low. The lineup was almost empty and so I decided to paddle out to probe a fast right that was breaking in the still very shallow waters above a part of the reef that otherwise gets ignored by “normal” swells. The wave was very fast and at the edge of being a closeout which resulted in a pretty bad “completed rides” ratio. But as I was alone at this peak it didnīt matter too much and I had fun. Sometimes itīs better to go out in less perfect conditions and avoid the crowds.

I had enough just in time when the crowds returned with the rising tide. The swell turned out to be a little smaller than in the morning but still had the odd impressive set. The scenery soon got lit by a beautiful late autumn afternoon light.

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