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As the parking lot had already indicated, I wasn´t the first. About 20 guys had been quicker and already entered the lineup. A couple more were trying to fight the cold with gymnastics at the beach before paddling out but constantly were distracted by the waves in front of them.

Especially the waves that broke over the reef to the west pointing out to sea like a rocky finger attracted quite a few admirers. Long and fast but makeable rights were on offer plus a shorter left. The majority of the surfers lined up this peak.

Sure, that shorebreak to the west had something Supertubos-esque but only some very few were trying to ride it. Boogie boarders had – like always – the best chances to make one of these waves but even they were swallowed by the shore break at the end of their rides on 9 out of 10 waves. Surfers had no chance on the left especially when surfing regular foot.

What struck me most was one guy, who was out on the least suited tool, a SUP, tried it all day. He never managed to escape but maybe his intention was mainly getting a brilliant looking photo.

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