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While walking around in search of the best position to shoot Avalanches I had met my buddy Jens, current chief editor of Blue Magazine and head of Nouvague. It sort of relieved me that he didnīt consider paddling out either despite living and surfing in the area since two years now. Instead he preferred to watch the show together with his wife and twin daughters. He invited me for dinner in his apartment in nearby Biarritz.

It would take me some time to cycle back to Lafitenia and drive to Biarritz from there so I was a bit in a hurry. But I couldnīt tear myself away from the ocean in Guethary. Mother nature was still giving her best to keep me attracted.

The swell upped its pulse another notch at sunset and whereas most spectators had already left, quite a few surfers didnīt feel the urge to get back to shore yet. Already on the cycling path back to the south I passed this spot with that great overview on Parlementia.

From here I watched in awe – and with a little bit of horror – a large set rolling in and cleaning the lineup. Definitely one of the situations where you pray that your leash stands the tension.

But the risk of a heavy beating and long swim in the dark offered the chance for that one last thrilling drop that could carve a grin into your face that would last the whole evening.

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