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When you cycle along the campgrounds to the coast you get to a very nice bicycle road that more or less continuously follows the coast and brings you straight to the little harbor of Guethary. That short – it is just about 5 kilometers – ride offers a couple of nice vistas on the ocean and makes you forget the odd steep ascent you have to take. I had to handle a few extra ascents as I missed a turn off and ended up on the hills, from where I entered the town and reached the beach at the promenade on top of the cliffs north of the harbor. The vista from here was stunning too. In fact, it blew me off as I hadn´t expected to stumble upon waves that well sized and that clean.

It looked like a perfect day for the famous Guethary breaks. All of them were on fire: Avalanche, Les Alycons and Parlementia. Average waves were double head high and the boards paddled out were eight feet plus with Alycons the only exception as the peak here stood back in size and suited smaller boards too.

Parlementia was the easiest to reach with its large channel. The wave itself was – despite its impressive size – also the mellowest to surf with a clean and not too fast shoulder and an easy to reach channel in case of wipeout. At least the right was that mellow and this only if you weren´t positioned too deep during the odd larger sets. The left was less ridden and this was for a reason.

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