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The bicycle road ended at a large parking right in front of the cliffs and the old town of Algorta. I drove to the dead end and spotted swell lines and a few surfers out. Obviously the swell had already enough energy to awaken the breaks deep inside the Ria. Then I spotted a set hit the reef out at Punta Galea and switched from cruising in a more urging mode. I walked up the stairs to Algorta and then cycled the once again steep ups and downs of the northern suburbs. Despite the urge to get to Punta Galea as soon as possible I made a pit stop at a food marked and bought some basic nutrition. You never know how much time will be left during an intense day of swell hunting.

Back up on top of the cliffs I dropped of the food at the van and walked the few hundred meters north to the path down to the reef. On the first look I was disappointed. Long rights with decent size were breaking over the reef but it was way too small and far from the glory of that point that I knew from images in the www. On a second look I realized a lone guy with an intact board and the remaining half of a broken board under his arm slowly ascending the path from the breakwater wall. It very much looked like there would be nothing to see here besides empty mediocre waves braking along the reef.

I had to make a decision and I had to make it quick as it was already early afternoon. The remaining options of seeing this swell really perform were Menakoz and the famous river mouth at the Urubai estuary. I wouldn´t be able to check both because going to the nearest option, which was Menakoz would mean a very long drive along the coast to get to the river mouth in case Menakoz didn´t perform.

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