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Chapter Two: Crucial timing in the Basque Country.

Due to my sore back I didn´t make it too far that night, just until about 80km south of Bordeaux. The forecast for the next day was an increasing wind, southeast in the morning and turning south to southwest during the day. I planned to spend the afternoon in Bilbao, maybe squeak in a surf session on the road in the Spanish part of the Basque Country (I expected this area to be the best fitted for the southerly winds) and take a surfing break on Tuesday and just watch the promised 10ft plus @ 17 seconds swell unload on the Euskadi reefs.

The night on the motorway service area wasn´t too comfortable due to the motorway noise. I woke up early and continued driving south. After a while the sun came out and it got pretty warm thanks to the southerly direction of the wind. When I passed Bayonne I felt the rising urge to have a look at the ocean right now.

When the motorway came closest to the coast I left it and drove to that notoriously crowded point break. A hasty check revealed a perfect offshore breeze, shoulder to head  high waves pealing around the point and not too many people out. It is rare to get it like this and I decided to go for a surf.

I choose my longboard to better my chances of getting a wave and was just walking down the narrow road when a group of about 20 groms came down a path from the camping sites. Ouch. That group would raise the crowds significantly.

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