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Besides that excellent surf that already changed my view on the island significantly, I felt much more comfortable on the island because there was way less people. I mean, the lineup was full that day but otherwise the island was almost deserted compared to the summer months. Moving around was way more relaxed and the during July and August bustling major villages had turned into a completely different pace and became peaceful. I liked that almost melancholic mood.

On the other hand, at least some bars and restaurants were still open, the markets – despite having shrunk significantly – were still held and even the pizza take-away cars were around. Autumn is a way better time to be here.

The next day it was still 2 feet @ 13 seconds and a light southerly wind which meant fun shoulder high peaks and a nice longboard session before the wind turned southwest. I used the onshore afternoon for a nice bicycle ride through the wetlands with the family.

Sunday was sunny again with another fun swell. 2 feet @ 11 seconds and light northeast wind were good for two once again very pleasant surf sessions. The forecast for Monday was very weak for the island and a massive swell was promised for Tuesday. Felt like a good time to leave the island and head further south.

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