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In the late afternoon the wind started to drop and turned north. With sunset the parking started to fill up with the vans of other surfers who knew how to read a forecast. The wind turned further to the east and it became very cold and for the first time since February I had to switch on the heating in my van.

Saturday morning was clear and very cold, and the moon was still hanging above the horizon when I left the van for a first check. The wind was side-offshore now and there was some swell out at the sea. It just had too much north in its direction and was still too small to light up the local sandbars. There was still some patience needed. My buddy Timo - who had arrived last night - and me used the time to check some other places and stop at the local Köbmand to buy some food. At the jetties further south waves looked better but broke very close to the stones. We had a breakfast with a view here and then returned to our starting point.

We had just arrived back there when the swell started to kick in. Unfortunately, the wind also kicked in and started to blow pretty strong, luckily side-offshore but still significantly interfering the main swell with some chop. The windchill added to the already very low – about 5 C – air temperatures and made it pretty uncomfortable despite the sun. At least when you had no wind protection and walked along the dunes. Out at sea it was a bit better as the North Sea still had very comfortable temperatures and the swell was solid enough to keep you busy.

It stayed like this all day long, mostly sunny with the odd cloud adding extra chill but with the waves pumping, albeit not very clean but with power and size. The sandbar at the jetty facing the psycho basin was producing its reliable rights and was the most popular break, a bit too popular for my taste. But further down the alphabet some other peaks were working, some off them even better suited for goofy footers. And even the sandbar of the former “Queen of the Coast” was showing glimpses of her former brilliance.

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