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You can find detailed descriptions of all major windsurfing and surfing spots around Sal on Josh Angulo’s website ( and – of course – on this website (check the Cabo Verde matrix for navigation to the featured spots. All the spots on the west coast are highly interesting, but challenging at the same time, and any session out there can turn out being quite expensive.

Just like
Boavista and Sao Vicente, Sal does not offer too many attractive sights to visit. But there are at least three nice options for a daytrip off the water: Visit “Shark Bay” at lower tides, and you can really watch and observe sharks while standing 10-20 meter away in knee to waist high water. No worries, it is only Lemon Sharks, which are not aggressive towards humans, but even these smaller sharks can grow up to 2 meters, and are impressive and impressively beautiful and fascinating at the same time.

Further towards the northeastern part of the island, there are Salinas, which serve to harvest salt. The bright white color of the salt, combined with deep blue water and red earth colors offer beautiful color contrasts for great pictures. Also, you can take a swim in the salt lakes, which is really funny and special. Floating around in the salty water gives you a sense of a zero gravity environment, which is an absolutely interesting experience.

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