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Sal, Cabo Verde, February 2016

Who among us would not recall those amazing images... In 2009, Ponta Preta, one of the world’s best down-the-line wave sailing spots, was firing like hell, providing those perfect conditions for what certainly turned out to be one of the best and most spectacular World Cup wave-riding events ever in windsurfing history. In a breathtaking and extremely exciting final, Josh Angulo claimed victory on his home break against Keauli Seadi, thus setting the scene to finally winning his second world championship title later in the season.

Simultaneously, with this event, wave sailing reached another dimension. Most likely, until today, there has never been another World Cup venue offering more, better or more spectacular aerials than here, in Ponta Preta. For myself, the footage of this event definitely was deeply embedded in my brain, and ever since I have seen the pictures and videos of this special competition, I was dreaming about windsurfing that perfect wave in Ponta Preta myself one day.

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Story: Flo Söhnchen
Pics: Chris Hafer, Valerie Luther, Flo Söhnchen