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September 6th was a busy Sunday at the Baltic Sea

Autumn had announced its coming with a solid depression passing the North and Baltic Sea over the weekend. Saturday was supposed to get stormy southwest winds, Sunday was forecasted with strong northwest in the morning and dropping in the afternoon. What made Sunday particularly interesting was the wind direction. Plain northwest at about 310 degree is pretty rare and the perfect direction for a few classy windsurf spots at the Hohwachter Bucht.

I reached my favourite Baltic Sea home-spot a couple of minutes before nine in the morning and was surprised, if not to say shocked. About 40 cars – most of them vans – already parked at the area in front of the restaurant, the few spare spots between the boat gear and along the narrow road. I didnīt expect it to be empty, but this was way too much and smelled like trouble too, as the parking is reserved for the restaurant and they donīt like it when itīs completely blocked by surfers / windsurfers and no “normal” guests are able to find a free place to park. The more or less blocked access road didnīt help either.

I found a last free spot, parked and went for a check. The wind was coming nicely side-shore and 1 to 1.5m waves were rolling in. Conditions were way better suited for down the line wave-sailing than for surfing today. A couple of surfers were out but were way outnumbered by the windsurfers. And there were plenty of them hastily rigging up at the beach. I decided to leave and move over to the spot a bit further east.

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