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I couldn´t believe my luck when on Monday – muscles still aching from the weekend – I checked the forecasts for the upcoming week. A wind field was about to settle in the middle of the North Sea, stretching from the Dutch coast until up to somewhere west of Norway. Wind direction was mainly northerly with the odd slight swing to north-northeast. That wind-field was supposed to stay a couple of days. It was quite narrow though, with its extensions barely reaching the coasts of England and Denmark.

This meant some quite decent north-swell coinciding with very light local winds. The northern part of Denmark even had a forecast of light southerly winds for a short period. The predictions were a bit volatile though and my hopes for my first surf session since January were a bit faint. But I always had the windsurfing option as plan B, and so I hit the motorway north for the third consecutive weekend.

Again, I left late to avoid the holiday traffic jams and drove during the night until near Holstebro in northern Denmark. Saturday morning, I had to drive another hour until I reached the coast. A medium south-westerly wind was blowing and the sea was almost flat, but I didn´t panic as the swell was due to arrive late in the afternoon.

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