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Baltic Heat

Last Wednesday it was hot. Hot and humid. Not the best weather to sit in the office.

At around 4 in the afternoon I couldn´t stand it anymore and started the van. Made it through the city before the great traffic jams. Still took me half an hour before I reached the motorway to Lübeck. Another 30 minutes later I passed Lübeck and had to make a decision. Should I leave the motorway soon after the city and drive to The Bridge for a Baltic Sea mushburger surf session? This would be the quickest way to get wet. Or should I drive another half hour to my favourite northeast-wind windsurfing spot? Both places would be crowded for sure, with the windsurfing place being the more critical spot due to the very limited parking space close enough to the Baltic Sea.

In the end that cold that had plagued me the past two weeks made me go for the windsurfing option. When not fit holding a sail still is easier for me than having to paddle a surfboard. When I finally reached the dirt track I was surprised that there still was a free parking lot pretty close to the sea. On second sight I found out why. Not far away the gate to a meadow was open and had been transformed in a comfortable parking lot for quite a few more windsurfing aficionados. Didn´t find any sign that indicated that this was illegal so I parked there too.

It was very warm, it was very crowded, the seaweed wasn´t magic, the wind was blowing force 6. It was very much worth the drive and I had a lot of fun until the moon appeared. Driving back to Hamburg after this session was done with a smile. Made my day!

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