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Big Day – Small Day

The first days of July were exceptionally warm in Hamburg, with temperatures well over 30 degree Celsius. Not the best circumstances for effective working, especially with this kind of weather usually leaving the North Sea and the Baltic Sea windless and flat. So I checked the forecast more out of boredom than of hope. So I was pretty surprised when I spotted yellow and orange colours on the wind forecasts for the end of the following week. These sort of colours normally only occur in winter when strong depressions shake up the wannabe oceans in the near vicinity.

It still was a long range forecast and everything could happen but my mind was keeping telling me that the currently extremely high temperatures mean that there is some energy in the atmosphere and that this might need to release some pressure. So I started to keep the upcoming Thursday and Friday free of appointments and regularly checked the forecasts. To my surprise they more or less kept promising very strong west to north-westerly winds for the Danish North Sea Coast, the Kattegat and the western Baltic Sea. Tuesday there were still storm force winds forecasted and I started to get some problems. Where should I go? There were many options, the Danish North Sea coast promised high wind wave-sailing, the coast at my newfound horizons might get epic surfing and even the home parts of Baltic Sea had plenty of wind and some wind-swell on offer.

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