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When approaching the spot I saw some familiar looking vans. That gave hope. I found a free parking space and went for a check. A couple of longboarders were out and small lines were rolling in, bruised into a nice form by the wind blowing side-offshore and with less strength close to shore. The lines looked very small but obviously were surf-able according to the pretty busy lineup.

A set rolled in and two hip-high waves peeled perfectly for about 50 meters. I immediately went back to the van and waxed my longboard. A few minutes later I walked – yes, walked – out to the lineup. I kept close to the submerged wood piles and sat deepest, right above the sandy ledge. A set rolled in, probably belly high and I was in perfect position. I took off and had plenty of open shoulder in front of me. But there was also another longboarder in front of me who took a while until he realized that he had to leave this wave. So we shared it for about 20 meters before he dropped out and I could cruise on alone.

That was nevertheless a good start into the session. I particularly enjoy these surfs here as it offers one of the rare occasions to surf fun longboard waves in offshore winds at the Baltic Sea coast in my nearer vicinity. And it doesn´t happen very often.
I paddled back out and positioned myself at the same outer ledge that allowed me to catch that nice little wave. I waited for the next similar set. It didn´t come. I kept waiting but nothing comparable rolled in. That´s the problem with this spot, it is very dependable on very specific wind patterns on this small body of water. Finally I gave up and paddled further inside.

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