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At the end a – as I later found out – temporary downgrade of the forecast on Wednesday evening in combination with a very limited time budget and the high costs for ferries and bridge tolls led me do stay close to home, means go for a day trip to the closest part of the Baltic Sea. Windsurfing was the plan for the day.

I reached the spot where it is always offshore and where I always check first at about 10 o´clock. It was offshore here and it was flat. A peek to the spot a couple hundred meters further west where it usually is side-shore showed flatness too. I knew that the wind was supposed to turn a bit further north later on but I decided not to wait and drive to Weissenhaus, THE windsurfing spot for these westerly wind directions and very popular amongst surfers too. There would be a windsurfing contest today but there is enough space for going out myself and there would be something to watch too.

When I reached the parking I was very happy that there was plenty of space left. Obviously they had opened the parking inside the new holiday resort that covers more or less the whole village and a large part along the beach for the contestants. A quick check of the conditions showed strong side-shore winds and small waves in front of the “public” parking. I decided to immediately go out for a windsurfing session. My smallest sail was a 4.5 and winds were supposed to significantly pick up later on.

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