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5 Friends: Cornwall, October / November 2014

George, Julian, Anne, Dick and Timmy the dog... Who could not name the stars of Enyd Blyton’s novels by heart and hum along that music theme? And who would not immediately have pictures on his mind, with steep cliffs, masonry that goes rack and ruin, and also with never-ending, beautiful and abandoned beaches? No matter whether it is a TV show or an audio drama, these are the images that come up on probably everyone’s mind as soon as you start thinking about Cornwall.

We were on a mission to find out whether there was any truth in the adventures of the famous five. The crew which was heading towards south western England in autumn 2014 was actually counting more than 5 friends, but at least we were accompanied by an adequate dog to match the setting of those stories.

The trip was supposed to become some kind of an adventure holiday for us, and definitely, regarding our accommodation, the first impression we had on our arrival in the dark of the night, was absolutely matching our expectations. The directions we had received upfront said: “Turn right at the pub, park your car at the old church, cross the graveyard, walk through the railway tunnel, and find your house on your right. Torches recommended”. Of course, there is no need to mention that the entrance door was not lubricated and opened up with an eerie, yet classy squeak.

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Story: Chris Hafer, Flo Söhnchen. Photos: Chris Hafer