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It was late afternoon now but there were some more hours of daylight left. I decided to drive to Camaret and do a little bit of sightseeing in this area that I somehow have left aside during my previous trips. Just outside of Camaret lies an Alignment of menhirs, which is quite nice.

But far more impressive – and really worth the visit – is Cap Penn Hir, a narrow rock ridge sticking out to sea which I often had adored as spectacular background to the swells pounding the La Palue / Lost Mar´h beaches. I drove to the rough parking at the tip of the peninsula and went for a walk along the foot paths following the cliff edges around the peninsula. The cliffs and rock islands at the tip of the peninsula meet the sea in a mostly vertical and always stunning way.

But while I now was admiring the rocks sculptured by wind and waves contrasting the calm sea, this could also become a terrifying area when the winter storms rage and you´re out at sea rounding the cape to get into a safe harbour. Probably inspired by the bold nature of the surrounding cliffs, a monument of almost brutal dimensions – and socialist style – honouring the liberty fight of the Breton has been erected at the tip of the peninsula in 1961 (it was baptised by a certain Général de Gaulle).

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