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The Ligurian coast is worth a more detailed visit anyhow with the thrilling landscape of the high coastal mountains often dramatically meeting the sea and its many bigger and smaller towns full of culture, art and the very specific Italian lifestyle. Combine this with occasionally good to excellent surf (check this story for instance) and it sums up to a prime travel destination, particularly in winter and early spring.

But for now the sea was forecasted to be flat and I had to get back to Germany anyhow. To add some pleasure to the long drive I had planned to use the almost tourist-free season and visit one of the major attractions along the coast, which is Portofinio. As I did not want to spend endless time in search for a place to stay for the night in the van down at the densely built-up coast, I spent the night at a service station on the motorway.

Early in the next morning I left the motorway and drove down to Rapallo and from here along the narrow coast road to Portofino. As my van was too big to be allowed into town, I had to park on a small parking at the coast about 3 kilometres outside town. During tourist season it would have been impossible to find a parking lot for my van anywhere in the wider vicinity but now I was the only one. I grabbed my bicycle and pedalled it along the coast road and into Portofino.

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