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Half of 2021 was already over, and we were still dealing with the pandemic. But numbers were – finally - getting down and restrictions were gradually lifted. Due to very uncooperative local winds at the local part of the Baltic Sea and the obstacles involved in travelling to neighbouring better suited coasts I had switched to cycling and was trying to lift my fitness to a level which would allow me to do some of the classic mountain bike trails in the alps. Ocean or sea related forecasts I was only checking very locally still hoping for a windsurf session close to home.

Only very occasionally I looked at forecasts for my reference spots for the Danish North Sea coast, more out of an old habit than any serious purpose. About a week ago I felt the need to look at the forecast of one of my trusted buoys and was almost shocked by the numbers it was showing. Some additional checks revealed that there was building a for the summer season very exceptional low in the northern Atlantic.

The more winter-like swell it was supposed to create were due to meet the Thy coast early on Thursday with swell periods of 16 to 17 seconds and swell heights of 0.7 meters. The local wind was prognosed to be a light offshore. The icing on the cake were air temperatures of way over 20 C.

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