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The winter had been long and cold. Too cold for me to join the few die hards that braved baltic and north sea waters year round. But at the beginning of april, the weather sheats showed a very rare situation. Strong northwest winds just east of scotland and very little wind at the danish Jylland coast. The water had still not more than 5 to 6 degree centergrade and the air temps were not much higher, but the forcasted sunny skies and the lack of wind gave me hope not to get shock frozen when entering the water. The waves were prognosted of beeing 2m at the beginning and should stay at least through saturday. So the decision was made, the van was loaded and I hit the road friday night.

I arrived in northern Jylland at 3 in the morning and the rest of the night I was very happy about having installed that gas heating in my van. A couple of hours later I woke up by the sound of pouring rain and heavy wind gusts. I had a quick breakfast and started the engine again to drive up north the remaining 50 kilometers to danish surf city N.V. The closer I came, the lighter the wind became and the sun won over the rain clouds. I reached the parking lot and anxiously headed to shore for a first check.

What I saw was very sweet. Very nice and very clean lines came in and the wind was allmost nonexistent. Sun was shining and only a small pack of shortboarders was sitting in the lineup. They had it really wired and took advantage of the sexy lefts that started to break just right of the long jetty. Many of these waves connected with the left in front of the baby jetty and offered exceptional long rides. And the regulars found some short rights too.

To my great relieve, the BIC bomber brigades seemed to be still in their hangars so the lineup was in good order and everyone knew what to do. I sprinted back to my van to get my 7´3´´ egg that I recently bought on the Canaries. To my horror I found out, that I had taken the  boardbag with the wrong board. The egg, eager to taste north sea waves, was back home and the narrow stick in the bag was not made for north sea waves. So I had to take the longboard into a wave that in the winter had become a sucky and fast wave, crying for less lenght.

Entering the water I expected a shock when the freezing north sea touched my wetsuit covered body. But neoprene technology has really advanced and the already strong sun helped a lot to make the two hours session almost cozy.

The waves droped a bit in the afternoon but still were a lot of fun. Sunday was still sunny but very small and with light onshore winds. So I started the long drive back and took my time to check some more places along the coast. The season started very good and I was hoping that april would bring more of that.

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