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After a short climb down through a narrow valley I reached the uphill path again where I met a hiker again who had more or less accompanied me on the way up. The rest of the hike down we did together while having a nice chat especially on the less interesting final part of the path. Close to the upper parking we parted ways and back at the van I had something to eat and then left.

My plan was to take the ferry crossing the Lysefjord at Oanes and return to Borestranden. At the harbour I found out that the last ferry had run at half past six. It was past ten now and driving back all the – longer – way around and underneath the archipelago via the tunnel was not what I wanted to do now. So, I decided to not use the already paid night at the camping in Borestranden and find some place to sleep in the area. I drove a little bit back into the fjord and over the bridge – with spectacular view into the fjord – leading to Forsand. I didn´t find a place to stay there but followed the signs into a valley and to the Landa campground, where I spent the night.

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