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Here the glacier penetrates the coastal mountains with a massive tongue and has created a large lagoon stretching about 1.5 kilometers from the glacier brim to the end moraine. That end moraine lies just about 200 meters away from the shore and is pierced by a short river leading melting water from the lagoon to the sea at low tide while transporting sea water to the lagoon at high tide.

From the glacier tongue large blocks of ice break away and drift in the lagoon where they slowly melt down and eventually get swept into the sea once they are small enough to pass the lagoon outlet. The icebergs on the lagoon erode to fantastic forms and depending on the light shimmer in different colors. Together with the glacier in the background this builds an absolute fantastic scenery which became one of the main tourist attractions of the island.

The lagoon outlet is also the only area where the road gets very close to the beach. In fact, there is even a parking lot right at the beach in front of the bridge crossing the river. So, as I approached this bridge I could see the parking on the land side of the road which was packed with cars and busy with tourists. And I saw the parking to the left and waves breaking. I turned left to the beach parking and stopped the van about 50 meters from shore.

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