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To avoid the G20 madness in Hamburg I left a day earlier. I had hope to catch some waves on the way to the ferry port in Hirsthals but once again I had no luck. It was absolutely flat and it very much looks like I lost my karma for the Danish North Sea coast as it now must be at least two years since I got it really good up there. It didn´t bother me too much though as the coming two months would – hopefully – provide a few opportunities for a surf or windsurfing session.

So, I hung around the west coast for a day before driving up to Hirsthals, where I spent the night on a nice camping very close to the flat sea. The next day it stayed calm until I entered the ferry in the early afternoon. I had just parked the van inside the ship and climbed up to the outside deck, when the wind started to pick up. Half an hour later it was blowing a good force 6 to 7 with bright sunshine. My karma must be really bad for this part of the ocean.

The ferry ride was fairly calm despite the wind (which only blew very local in the waters between the southern tip of Norway and Denmark´s Thy coast). I was prepared for some very boring one and a half days on the ship but the route and timetable for the transfer was chosen pretty well. In the early evening, we passed the Norwegian south-west coast pretty close in beautiful evening light. No need for television with a view like that.

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